Melodic Canvas emerged from the deep woods of Northern Michigan in the fall of 2016 as the creative undertaking of musician and visual artist Evan Alderton.

An experimentalist at core, his music contains a fusion of alternative rock and shoegaze, with shades of folk. Melodic Canvas sonically echoes the angst ridden era of the 90’s and brings the fervidness and visceral intensity into the modern day. Heavy reverb, natural room acoustics, and eerie, atmospheric soundscapes make his music distinctively haunting, evoking an “under the skin” feeling in listeners.

Evan’s visual art emotes a similarly haunting atmosphere, from his expressive, semi-abstract drawings and paintings, to his dark, moody analog photography.

Drawing inspiration from the vast mysteriousness of nature and the dark, hidden corners of the mind, Melodic Canvas thrives on idiosyncratic, eccentric, and deranged ideas, exploring and encapsulating the unseen and unheard.